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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Hedrick Wealth Management Group's mission is to help individuals and families plan, implement and manage every phase of their Pre & Post-Retirement life, insuring their "Golden Years" are just that, "Truly Golden".

When we make financial choices, they have a tremendous impact on other areas of our lives.  That's because most of us do not have unlimited resources that we can access should we use our money inefficiently.

Every financial decision we make carries with it the opportunity to increase our lifestyles, create benefits, increase our money supply or result in costs and opportunity costs.  As financial planners, our job for our clients is to help them reach their maximum potential.  We believe that your maximum potential is realized when one is able to increase their money supply and benefits, while at the same time, reduce and/or eliminate costs and opportunity costs.

In today's world, it's becoming increasingly difficult to determine if we are making sound financial decisions.  What source do we trust?  Whose opinion should we believe?  At Hedrick Wealth Management Group, our financial advisors believe that our client's financial matters are too important to take anyone's opinion, including our own.  That's why we use economic models to help us verify the financial alternatives available to our clients.  These models allow us to scientifically design and implement a plan based on our client's wants and needs, which allows them to help to secure their financial future!

If you're concerned with your current investment portfolio or simply have investing questions and would like to review your financial situation, insurance benefits and/or your overall financial plan, contact us today.  Our financial advisors look forward to working with you.

*Investors should be aware that investing based upon strategies or models does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss.